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The Salvation Ar​my 
North York Temple
"He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion..."

NIV - Philippians 1:6


Ministry Team Leaders:

Corps Officer (CO)/Pastor - Major Sandra Stokes *

Corps Sergeant Major (CSM) – Roy Moulton*

Corps Treasurer (CT) – Ed Sanjivi*

Recruiting Sergeant – Elfreda Pitt Hetherington*

Band Master (BM) – Glenn Barlow*

Deputy Band Master – Ken Rawlins*

Songster Leader (SL) – Robert Venables

Songster Pianist – Rhonda Venables

Children & Youth Ministries – Sherrilyn Hall Barlow*

Singing Company & Timbrel Leader – Sherrilyn Hall Barlow*

Junior Band Master – Marcus Venables

Adult Fellowship – Major Doreen Speakman

Family & Community Services – Marina Williams*

Office Administrator – Joan Graham

Audio/Visual Ministries – R. David Hipperson*, Jonathan Kean

Bible Study Leader- Norm Hann

Ministry Board Member- Brenda Burt*

(*Denotes members of our Ministry Board)